The yarns we use to make PROOF are made from solution dyed polymer, both polyester and acrylic, sourced in Europe. This means that the pigmented colour is added to the molten polymer. The result of this is that the colour lies evenly through the cross section of the fibre, and not just in the outer layer as with conventional dyeing.

The advantages of this are firstly, that the colour no longer has to have a chemical affinity with the polymer, so we can use pigments which have a much greater resistance to fading than dyestuffs and secondly, that as the colour fades in the outer layer, what is exposed has exactly the same colour, and so little or no change of colour is noticeable for long periods of time, hence our guarantee.

The fabric is made with more stretch than conventional awning fabric, so that it extends nicely on the frame of the umbrella, which is our target market. This flexibility also means that it upholsters well on cushions for outdoor furniture.

The fabric is treated with a fluorocarbon which imparts a water, oil and soil repellent finish, for quick drying and easy cleaning. The fabrics can be both washed and dry cleaned, followed by air drying, not tumble drying, and warm ironing.

A biocide is also added during this application to help prevent mildew. These treatments are done with chemicals sourced from reputable companies, and are not in any way toxic.